Roxi Roxi - Vocalist, Songwriter, Website Designer, Music Consultant and Organiser

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A keen interest in all aspects of voice and music production led to the successfully completion of several courses including:-

1984 Ova Studio - Sound Engineering Course
1985 London Bridge - Sound & Video Production
1992 Kit Karson Voice Over Course at Capitol Studios

Over the years I have enjoyed collaberating with studios, producers, musicians & singers on various projects, including creating and singing lyrics, harmonies, backing and guide vocals or lead lines for songwriters, advertising and jingle production. I have a wide vocal range, versatile spoken and singing voice plus the ability to 'hear' melodies, potential harmonies, backing vocals quickly.  Ill health has prevented me from continuing to collaborate on projects but I still enjoy recording the odd practise session with musician friends when they come to visit.

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  Roxi - singer, songwriter, entertainer, sound engineer and club organiser
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