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I have been fortunate enough to work both behind the scenes at the BBC and in front of camera with singing appearances on Sky TV's 'Sky Search', ITV's ' 6 '0' Clock Show, 'Friday Live' where I was also interviewed by Chris Searle (x presenter 'Thats Life'), and appeared as an extra on Channel 4's Pet Rescue!

During 1997 Town FM was granted a 28 day RSL where I worked behind the scenes to create community support, raise sponshorship, supplied voiceovers for ads and jingles, presented the night shift show live and hosted the pre-recorded 'RoXi's New Band Show' featuring local original and covers acts and bands. This was produced at 'JustUs Productions' with the invaluable help and advice from musician and producer Dave Wall.

Shortly after this I was invited to sing live on 'Capital Gold' by 'Ceaser the Geezer' and wrote several jingles for his show. I was also a guest co-host several times with Bob Blues on his Ain't Nuthing But The Blues Show on Dekadance Radio.

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