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Roxi and Enzo worked together as the Dynamic Duo with live bass and vocals over professional backing tracks and 300w P.A. system. An ideal duo, full of energy and a set list packed with popular songs from the 50's to 90's, they inspired audiences to participate with their repertoire and fun vibrant performances created a party atmosphere which assured repeat bookings at all types of venues including pubs, clubs, private functions and corporate events throughout the UK!

Sadly bass player Enzo has returned to his native Italy, so the Dynamic Duo is no longer available for booking. Browse the Photo's.

Fairground Attraction      Dusty Springfield      Robbie Williams
Lynnard Skinnard      Doobie Brothers      George Micheal
Jerry Lee Lewis      Connie Francis      4 Non Blondes
James Brown      Commitments      Chuck Berry
The Beatles      The Monkees      Eric Clapton
Janis Joplin      3 Dog Night      Tom Jones
Shania Twain      Tina Turner      The Corrs
Joe Cocker      The Kinks      Santana

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